Anastasija, Office Administrator, Cyprus - Gratitude (Law of Attraction Coaching)
"I’m writing this note to you my dearest Sandy to convey how I feel GREAT after our Skype meeting. I pray to God to shower all his graces on you and your family and may you live a happy life all the time and help people who are in need like me! Thank you Sandy for helping me get past many road blocks in my life. Through insightful questioning, I’ve been able to get a clearer picture of where I am heading, whatever is in the way of my getting there and how to get past the hurdles between me and where I want to go... The POWER is Now ~ I CAN ~ I WILL ~ So grateful to you~ Thank you Sandy~"  
Mo, ex Bank Manager, Milton Keynes, UK - Career Coaching
"I had a career/business coaching session with Sandy in May 2009, which I found very enlightening and effective.
Her core strengths lie in her ability to listen attentively, empathise, quickly analyse situations and clearly communicate creative courses of action which would lead to a desired end.

Sandy handled the session with a very high level of professionalism, and she came across as someone with a genuine desire for her clients to walk away from sessions with clear and workable action plans.

Overall, I found it a stimulating and empowering experience, and on that basis I wholeheartedly recommend her services." 
Claire, NHS Receptionist, Hertfordshire, UK - Career Coaching
"From our talk the other day you have really inspired me and I have spent today trying to update my CV. (It hasn't been touched for years!) I'm not ready to move on yet but I'll have it updated when I need to.  I have felt a new found enthusiasm for improving myself and as I'm not at work this week I wondered if you could tell me the names of the training courses we have had there so I can put it on the CV.  I would be really grateful, not urgent.  Also thanks for your info .....”