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Giving Gratitude reaps benefits for your state of mind

posted 5 Mar 2011, 06:41 by Sandy Grey   [ updated 5 Mar 2011, 07:26 ]
So how are you really feeling today? 
In a positive mood or a negative one?
Get yourself into a higher vibration (positive) today by taking the 10 steps below:
1.       Give someone a smile

2.       Think how can I make a difference in someone’s life today

3.       Give someone praise

4.       Give someone a hug

5.       Share a piece of chocolate or fruit

6.       Be interested in someone else today other than yourself

7.       Give a donation

8.       Say ‘Thank You’ to someone

9.       Lend a listening ear to someone

10.     Say this affirmation
I am having a great, positive and successful day because I am the designer of my day’.
Try it and let me know how it changed your day :)
The first 10 people who send me a message on my contact page with their results by Tuesday 8th March midnight GMT time, will receive my previous 10 tips including today's 10 with some extra tips in a beautiful document which you can print and put on your bathroom mirror, fridge or wherever you wish as a memory jogger for when you get low.