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Gratitude Is Key To Your Abundance

posted 29 Mar 2015, 16:06 by Sandy Grey

How To Give Gratitude To Feel Abundant

posted 29 Mar 2015, 05:03 by Sandy Grey   [ updated 29 Mar 2015, 05:04 ]

Are You Living Your Passion?

posted 29 Mar 2015, 05:00 by Sandy Grey

Are You Happy?

posted 29 Mar 2015, 04:55 by Sandy Grey

One Ten Method - Google Hangout

posted 29 Jan 2015, 06:37 by Sandy Grey   [ updated 29 Jan 2015, 10:57 ]

Sandy Grey and Kevin Wilkes from the UK were on the Panel of the USA Google Hangout for 1-10 Method!! Introduced and hosted by Co-founders Aaron Cahoon, Scott Zlafeff, Paul Maddalena and Jim McGilvary.   Check out what we had to say about this Amazing business concept which has a true Step by Step System for Check out what we had to say about this Amazing business concept which has a true Step by Step System for New, Struggling and Successful Marketers which will get them into profit within 60 days. If you want new skills which you can use anywhere, and need to earn an income, then please watch this hangout.

Life Coaching Sessions

posted 4 Jun 2014, 18:39 by Sandy Grey   [ updated 4 Jun 2014, 18:42 ]

YouTube Video


Personal Development Internet Marketing Webinar Workshops

posted 4 Jun 2014, 18:35 by Sandy Grey

YouTube Video

Free Internet Marketing Training - Daily Training

posted 4 Jun 2014, 18:29 by Sandy Grey

Fearless Online Entrepreneurs - Live Google Hangouts

posted 20 Nov 2013, 15:04 by Sandy Grey   [ updated 6 Dec 2013, 10:34 ]

"Punch Fear In The Face" The Brainchild of Rachale Kelley who I had the pleasure of being introduced to on Facebook and asked to participate on the panel, this past week by Deborah Barton-Birden. We enlighten, encourage entertain, educate and empower average people to pursue their dreams with our daily 1 hour Live Google Hangouts Monday - Friday 4pm GMT (USA EST 11am)

Is There a Scam Free Legitimate Way To Make Money Online? & What Is Attraction Marketing?

Effective Time Management -Get More Done in Less Time!

Discover the Power of Your Words and How they Can Change Your Life

How to Design Your Own Creative Visualization Notebook?


4 Steps To Success, Live Google Hangouts

posted 20 Nov 2013, 14:25 by Sandy Grey   [ updated 20 Nov 2013, 14:41 ]

Joint Venture (JV) Partners took to live Google Hangouts this week 21st - 24th October 2013 to discuss a series of Personal Development topics which people struggle with which was broadcast live over the Internet. Sandy GreyAndrew Maplesden based in Australia, Deborah Barton-Birden Head Coach, A, Julie WeishaarGreg LohrErnest Claybourneall based in the USA. 

Topic 1: What Does Success Mean To You?

Topic 2: What Is Your Why?

Topic 3: Are You Stepping Into Your Dream?

Topic 4: Writing Down Your Blueprint

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