Godly Wisdom

  • Transform your mind by reading the WORD of GOD early morning and late evening.- GodlivesinUs
  • Limit the amount of TV that you watch and amount of time reading the newspapers.
  • "Easier said then done" 
  • "How will you achieve your goals if you don't focus on them?" 
  •  It is better to seek God's Wisdom instead of greed.
  •  In life empower others and in turn you will be empowered.
  • They say you are what you eat, you also become what you think.
  • Don't buy what you don't need to feel good. Get with God and you'll feel good all the time.
  • Do you know your season? when to reap and when to sow.
  • Know your season so it will yield you a return.
  • God's power is a wonder working power in the blood.

Sandy says "What I am noticing, the more I do for GOD and give him the glory the more insights and revelations I get for my business and for my life".

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