Your Commitment

  • Coaching will only work if you put effort into it, so you must be willing to commit the time and effort into your programme.
  • After each session I will give you exercises to complete.  It is vital that these are completed at least 24 hours before our next session. 
Terms and Conditions

  • Please note if you wish to cancel your appointment you are required to give 72 hours notice.
  • If a coaching session is cancelled less than 24 hours, your fee will be held over to the next booked appointment, as I will not be able to book a client in to replace you at such short notice.
My Committment to You
  • During the calls or our meetings I will devote 100% of my energy to helping you to achieve the changes that you want in your life.
  • I will prepare myself thoroughly before your call or our meeting, to give you the best possible service.