About Me

Sandy Grey has been an IT and Soft Skills Trainer for over 20 years. She has an NLP Diploma certification (INLPTA) and is an Accredited Coach Dip LC (Inst LCI) accredited by (ODLQC) and was awarded the Diploma in Life Coaching with Distinction in December 2010.  She is the founder and Director of Grey Software Services Ltd and Clear Spirit Coaching.

"My passion is to inspire and encourage others to find peace, prosperity in abundance, and godly wisdom".

She loves to travel and is adaptable with a strong people-focused personality, well experienced in diversity, having trained people from different walks of life with her IT Software Training business over the years. She enjoys technology and embraces change and is a great public speaker who loves to help people to build on GOD’s word, making them stronger and more successful in their lives and businesses regardless of what is happening in the World.

Why did I become a Life Coach
I love personal development, listening to inspirational CD's and helping to inspire others which I have done all my life, due to the way I have always lived my life. It's taken me years to realise that others have limiting beliefs... prior to this frustration I searched the book "Think and Grow Rich" to get the answers, which lead me to attend a 2 week Educo Mind Power Seminar in Monte Carlo in July 2004 with Dr. Tony Quinn, which introduced me to NLP.  Quite a few life coaches since then had told me that I would make a great coach.  Due to my desire to help others I investigated coaching and attended a 2 day Taster Life Coaching Course in January 2007 at the Coaching Academy. I then attended a free taster session on NLP in February 2007 and realised that I can help not just others but myself even more.  I signed up for a Life Coaching Diploma course in November 2008 starting the first module in March 2009 and completed all modules by December 2010.  Both of these skills NLP and Coaching already plays a big part in my IT Software Training business...I love it because I earn money in alignment with my values and integrity.  
My Spirituality
The Bible gives us all the answers to everything in this life!  
The way of the WORLD is to get you to focus on doom and gloom, strife, debt, sickness, recession, repossession, with no peace for your soul. Step out of the darkness and come into God's Kingdom into the light where you will gain wisdom, peace, stability, certainty, focus, happiness, a sound, balanced and well disciplined mind...you can have it ALL right here whilst on planet earth. You don't have to die to get peace. Live your life as a believer and you will have so much peace in abundance you will not be able to contain it.
How wonderful is that!